Minor Sweat


Minor Sweat is a youth driven performance night originated in a desire to create a safe, positive environment for Indianapolis’s queer youth to express themselves and create community. Minor Sweat will become a meeting place for LGBTQ+ youth to celebrate queer existence by showing the life and vibrancy that come from sharing a collective identity.


We are creating a space for those who may have never had a space of their own: LGBTQ+ youth face multiple barriers and are more susceptible to homelessness, depression, and suicide. It’s more important now than ever to provide opportunity for self expression and community making.

On a lighter note… We want everyone to have a good time. As a youth driven event, we want the kids to determine what their show looks like. Our dream is to have drag, dj’s, musicians, poets, performance artists; whatever anyone wants to bring to the table in a safe and positive environment.