Crashing Through the Front Door

Documentarians: Casey No & Taylor Rose

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Crashing Through the Front Door is documenting the stories of Low Pone. Your stories. We are using photography, interviews, and narrative non-nonfiction to chronicle the lives of the performers and audience in and outside of the show space.


What is this project?

We are taking photos and interviewing performers, attendees, and the people connected to Low Pone. All of this work will result in a published book and a gallery show at the Tube Factory on February 1, 2019.

Why are we doing this?

The way this whole project began was sitting down with friends swapping stories about the people we encountered at Low Pone, how beautiful their lives are, and how unique this show really is.

Low Pone is doing something that is unheard of in this city. It’s creating a space for those who have felt displaced. We are capturing a historical queer moment in Indianapolis. On a sociological level, we are examining the need for public celebration of queer existence by showing the vibrancy that comes from a reclamation of our collective identity.

An integral part of this narrative revolves around Low Pone as a family and the characters within, those in the crowd and the ones performing. Many of the artists use their time on stage to deconstruct concepts of gender and sexuality in our city. The relationship between artist and audience creates an unrivaled energy.

This is a series of individual’s stories and how their paths intersect over one night, every month.

It’s about how that one night becomes a sanctuary, and how a chosen family learns to find triumph even in moments of tragedy.