Tatjana Rebelle

October 9th 2018

Tatjana and her son Xavier. “Being a person who has been through a lot of traumas, in my early 20s I reached a point where writing in my journal or writing poems for myself wasn’t enough. I had to say it out loud. So I started showing up to really shitty singer-songwriter open mics in Broad Ripple and they hated me (laughs). No, but they fucking hated me. It was a bunch of white guys playing covers on their guitars. Here is me with my real ass, trauma talking about poetry and I was like, ‘I have to do it.’ I started getting a following… [Vocab] grew into this thing, that aside from my children, is literally the greatest thing I have ever done… When I say I have gone through a lot, I was molested when I was 6, my mom was in an abusive relationship, also an emotionally abusive relationship towards me in my middle school years. There was some physical abuse, emotional abuse. I have been raped. I have been physically assaulted. I have been through a lot of shit. My notebook is the thing that saved my life. Speaking on those open mics is the thing that freed me. Every single one of those things led me to a place of being, no matter what someone says to me, I have literally gone through it either personally or through my circle. But also learning the power of speaking it and freeing yourself has completely altered my life. It was when I decided to finally sign up for that shitty-ass open mic, with all those shitty-ass singer-songwriters, and being like ‘I can’t hold this in anymore,’ being able free myself that way — that is how I know about the power of the vocal.” –@trebelle

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